Statement by Head Boy & Head Girl

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Hello, we are Mariam Rahman and Kieran Westwood-Chappell and we are honoured to be awarded the positions of Head Girl and Head Boy at Perry Beeches II the Free School.

 Combined, we represent students who have previously studied both outside and within in the Perry Beeches family.  We are excited about working with the fantastic students we have in the lower years and look forwards to creating a nurturing community that will promote the leaders of tomorrow who represent our multicultural backgrounds and uphold our shared strong principles and high moral values.

 Our vision for this year is to build on the awe inspiring academic success of previous student’s, whilst cultivating an enjoyable and comfortable learning environment that ensures all students are given the opportunity to achieve and develop their life chances.

We are aware of the challenges that we face as a school body over the next year.  Our school will be completing its first set of GCSE exams as well as sixth form students being required to study the new specifications for A Levels.  Furthermore, as of next year we will have a ‘full school’ for the first time with all years from starters in Year 7 to leavers in Year 13.  In order to play our part, we as Head Boy and Girl are committed to support our talented and inspirational staff body in enabling all students to meet or even better, their aspirations.

 As we approach the exam season we would like to wish all students every success.  In particular our Year 13 students who are studying hard to ensure they get the results that will enable them to move on to university and not forgetting our hardworking Year 10’s striving hard to achieve those all-important passes in English and Maths.

 On behalf of the Sixth Form Leadership team, we would like to wish every student the very best success in their studies over the coming year.