School Council

The Student Council  consists of two members from each form, and gives students the chance to:




Year 7 and Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 will each have a Year Council.

This is also 2 members from each form.

They will meet every half term to discuss and suggest ideas which matter to students.

Students will vote for your form Year Council members after each student who wishes to apply has made their speech to the form. The two people with the most votes will join Year Council.

Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 12 and Year 13 each have a part to play in School Council. These students will be selected by each year groups’ council within their first meeting.

There will be 2 students representing each year group.

They will then have half termly meetings with SLT.

Year 7

FSA Student Council Members

Remani Moore

Taiyanna Stewart

JWI Student Council Members

Kearno Brown-Jones

Tasheka Campbell

LGL Student Council Members

Noah Mawangi

Oisin Smith

SPA Student Council Members

Simon Whittome

Lauren Yardley-Moore

Year 8

HHA Student Council Members

Thierry Davis

Tiera Davis

KPA Student Council Members

Jahmarn Burrell

Ryan Ncube

NHE Student Council Members

Aaron Pedley
Imanie Ashwood

OMA Student Council Members

Rico Roberts

Tia Taylor-Brown

Year 9

JCA Student Council Members

Joshua Harry-Mansaray

Naomi Madourie

KMW Student Council Members

Dante Sterling

Dijonae Kerr-Goodin

LHY Student Council Members

George Whittome

Tanya Morris-Griffiths

SBU Student Council Members

Matthew Miirimi

Aaliyah King

Year 10

APA Student Council Members

Safil Patwary

Zayna Newell-Williams

DHA Student Council Members

Aljbr Abdallah

Nuqcura Francis-Reid

MPO Student Council Members

Donatella Da Silva

Hamzah Sadiq

SFE Student Council Members

Nathan Johnson

Parise Wellington