PSHE & Citizenship

At the end of each term there is to be a progress booklet lesson to give students to opportunity to discuss, assess and review their achievements that term.

Year 10/11 will be collating all this information into their progress files during this time.

Syllabus Links = PW– Personal Wellbeing / EW– Economic Wellbeing / FC– Financial Capability

Term Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Autumn 1Unit 1Enjoy and Achieve Our Class/ Teamwork – links toBoreatton Park residential  (PW) Money (EW/FC) Enjoying a Healthy ActiveLifestyle – Links to First Aid(PW) Work Experience- Links to time management andwork/ life balance (PW/EW) Preparation for Adult Life-Maturity and Responsibility(PW/EW/FC)
Autumn 2Unit 2Being Healthy Puberty and Nutrition (PW)Progress Booklet lesson Sexual Health- Safer Sex andContraception (PW)Progress Booklet Lesson Sexual Health (PW)Progress Booklet Lesson Body Image and Media selfimage (PW/EW) •Sexual Health (PW)
Spring 1Unit 3Staying Safe Substance Use and Misuse (PW) Bullying- Including cyber bulling(PW) Illicit Substances- Links toDrugs/ Alcohol/ Tobacco(PW) Domestic Situations/ Fami-lies/ Violence (PW/EW)Collating information andachievements for their pro-

gress files ( Aim Higher)

Consequences of SubstanceUse and Misuse- Drugs/Alcohol/ Tobacco (PW)
Spring 2Unit 4Relationships Relationships with Self and oth-ers- Links to Peer Pressure andFriends  (PW)Progress Booklet Lesson Relating to Adults – Links to su-periors in society/ home/ school(PW/ EW)Progress Booklet Lesson Sexual Relationships- Links tounderstanding and re-specting sexual diversity(PW)

Progress Booklet Lesson

Parenting (PW/EW) Leaving Home/ College andSixth Form choices (PW/EW)
Summer 1Unit 5Emotional Health Personal Safety- Links with inter-net and mobile safety/ bus trav-elling safety (PW) Future Options and Study Skills/Careers (EW/ FC) Changing Family Networks-links to family carers/ di-vorce/ step families (PW/EW) Stress and Depression (PW) Exam Preparation/ RevisionTechniques/ Writing Per-sonal Statements and CV’s(EW/FC)
Summer 2Unit 6Positive Contribution School Politics- Links to schoolcouncil, buddies, roles of Headsof school responsibilities (PW/EW)

Progress Booklet Lesson

Anti Social Behaviour (PW/ EW)Progress Booklet Lesson Human Rights (PW/EW)Progress Booklet Lesson Diversity in the UK (PW/EW) Anti Social Behaviour (PW/EW)