Medical/First Aid

Miss E Richardson is the school’s main first aider. Please note that she is not a nurse.

The role of the first aider is to deal with those students who are taken ill during school or who feel temporarily unwell. Miss Richardson will liaise with appropriate Head of Year and Mr O’Brien and may telephone parents if the student needs to be sent home.

Students who need to bring medication to school should take this to Miss Richardson for safekeeping. Parents will need to notify school of the reason medication has been brought in, the appropriate dosage and the times students are required to take their medication. Students should be reminded of this on a regular basis. Students should then go to the first aid room to take their medicine at the appropriate times.

Miss Richardson cannot dispense medicine (typically paracetamol or other pain relievers).

Students who ask for pain relief will be refused unless permission can be gained from a parent or carer.

The first aider liaises with Mr O’Brien and organises visits from School Health when they come in to inoculate pupils.

The first aider is also available for students who wish to talk to her about health issues or other issues and will liaise with the appropriate Head of Year and Mr O’Brien.